Personal Fundraising Campaigns

Start your fundraising campaign to support Christmas Lunch on Jesus.

Whether it's a birthday fundraiser, a marathon run, or a bake sale, the possibilities are endless.

How It Works:

Simply create a fundraising page, set a goal, and share your campaign with friends, family, and colleagues.

Every donation helps us bring love, hope, and nourishment to families and individuals in need.

Setup A Fundraising Page

Community Events

Organise a community event to raise funds and awareness for our cause.

From charity walks and auctions to concerts and talent shows, community events are a fun and impactful way to support our mission.

Planning Tips:

We can provide resources and guidance to help you plan and promote your event, ensuring its success and maximising its impact.

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Virtual Fundraising Campaigns

Explore virtual fundraising campaigns as a convenient and accessible way to support our cause from anywhere.

Online fundraisers, peer-to-peer fundraising challenges, and social media campaigns are excellent options for reaching a wide audience and raising funds.

Digital Resources:

We offer digital tools and promotional materials to support your virtual fundraising efforts, making it easy to get started and engage supporters online.

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