How It Works

Corporate matching gift programmes allow employees to donate to eligible Charities and nonprofits, like ours and have their donations matched by their employer.

This means your initial contribution can be doubled, tripled, or even more, depending on your company's matching ratio.

Participation Steps

Step 1 - Check Eligibility:

Determine if your employer offers a matching gift programme. Many companies have online portals or HR departments where you can verify eligibility and access matching gift forms.

Step 2- Donate:

Donate to our project through our website or preferred donation platform. Keep a record of your donation confirmation for reference.

Step 3 - Submit a Matching Gift Request:

Follow your company's specific instructions to submit a matching gift request. This typically involves filling out a matching gift form online or mailing it in a paper form along with your donation receipt.

Step 4 - Confirmation:

Once your employer receives and processes your matching gift request, they will match your donation according to their programme guidelines.

Step 5 - Impact Doubled:

Your donation is now doubled, allowing Christmas Lunch on Jesus to further our mission and make an even greater impact in the lives of so many more people this Christmas. 

Maximize Your Impact

Some companies extend their matching gift programmes to retirees, spouses, and even volunteer hours. Be sure to explore all available options to maximize your impact through Christmas Lunch on Jesus.

Encourage your colleagues to participate in corporate match programmes as well. Together, we can leverage the power of corporate giving to support this outreach project and make a difference in the lives of those we serve.