About Love Christmas

This Christmas, ‘Christmas Lunch on Jesus’ outreach is once again taking part in the ‘Love Your Neighbour’s national initiative called ‘Love Christmas’ to help spread the power of practical love, hope, kindness and the message of Jesus to people struggling this winter due to COVID-19 and other societal challenges.

We aim to give out tens of thousands of ‘Love Christmas’ Gift Boxes and Gift bags this year to individuals and families across the UK.


We have 3 different box / bag sizes with different contents to accommodate different needs including for: individuals, couples, small and large families, students, homeless and the elderly.

In these boxes (or festive bags), we will be including some of the following items: mince pies, Sparkling juice, Christmas pudding, festive biscuits, Christmas crackers and games.

The full hamper boxes feeds a family and includes: A Whole Turkey, Potatoes, Stuffings, Vegetables and other essentials required to ensure that the beneficiary families get to have a full hearty Christmas Day lunch, courtesy of Jesus and delivered by you and your church.