ABOUT Christmas Lunch on Jesus

For most people, the Christmas season means time with family and friends, exchanging gifts and enjoying a festive meal together. However, for some people, the Christmas holiday is not a joyful experience. Many people do not have the financial resources to meet day-to-day needs, so a festive meal is beyond their imagination.

Christmas Lunch on Jesus changes that.

Since 2007, churches and Christians across the UK have been offering a FREE festive hamper, full of all the essential ingredients to enjoy a full, tasty Christmas lunch for people who are struggling financially.

There’s no cost to the people who receive the Christmas gifts. The Churches and Christians step in as the hands and feet of Jesus. It’s simply our way to celebrate God’s gift of Jesus to the world. Because we’ve been given so much, we want to give to those who desperately need it.

While we call it “Christmas Lunch on Jesus,” we don’t limit these gift hampers to Christians or people of any particular religion or faith. We just want to share God’s love in a tangible way with as many people as need it.

This Christmas, our prayer is that your stomach will be filled—as well as your heart.


Imagine sitting down to your Christmas Day meal, friend and family gathered around the table enjoying both food and company. Now imagine that at that same moment, another family in very different circumstances sitting down to a similar festive meal. For just £25 per hamper, you can make that vision become a reality for a needy family in our community. Go to our donations page (hyperlink here) to make your donation today.